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Pacific Cheese 2v2 Tournament

Attn: Please read the post under this one as it is about the new server changes as i can’t rearrange the posts so you see the one below above this one ^^


Time and date:
Saturday the 13th of Feburary, 8am GMT- to name some cities:
9pm Auckland
7pm Sydney/Canberra/Melb time
6pm Brisbane
5pm Tokyo
4pm Perth, Beijing

Check your timezone:
Please note, if you are interested but you can’t make it due to the time or day of the week, leave a comment so hopefully i can cater to more peoples needs next time ^^

Please register in the challonge link if you wish to play, only 1 person from each team needs to register ^^ Then let me know down below(in the forums) your team mates name ^^

If you can’t find a partner just register your interest down below and turn up 15 minutes before the tourny tomorrow, there are a bunch of people who want to play but don’t have a partner so if there is someone free, we’ll set you up with them =D
Challonge page will be at:

As the name Pacific Cheese suggests is just meant to be a super cheesey and silly team tourny. It will feature all the team game *cough* favourites *cough* and just cheese as hard as you can ^^
This tourny was created for people who find it hard to be awake for European tournaments, there are no rating limits, this is just for fun! 
This is currently in double elimination format but if there are more than 12 teams, it will turn into a single elimination so that the tournament finishes in a timely fashion

You must be in PacificCheese channel 15 minutes prior to the start of the tournament, if you are not there 10 minutes before 8am GMT your team will be removed from the tournament. 
To join the channel, type /join #PacificCheese in aeolus
Default settings must be used, games will be ranked and no smurfing is allowed unless both parties agree to otherwise.
If anyone disconnects during a game, the TD will either call for a rematch or decide who loses. 
A draw results in the TD either calling for a rematch or decides who loses
The currently exploit ban list applies to the tournament so make sure you read the list! 
If your Challonge account name is different to your in game name please advice in the tourn-y thread so i will know on the day and not remove you by mistake. ^^

Anyways, this is all just for fun so dw about your rating or whatever, just have fun!!! It’s good practice and this honestly is not a serious tourn-y =P ^^

Prizes: (Please note that a 2v2 tourny only counts as a tourny where there are 8 or more teams, so if we don’t reach that, not avatars, sorry >.< also kinda broke so no prize money for this week, sorry! DX)
First prize: 2v2 Tourn-y winner avatar
Second prize: Face of a faction avatar
Third prize: Logo of a faction avatar

Kind regards,

Violet <3