Forged Alliance Forever

The community-driven lobby for Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance.

King of Aeon

Will this be the end?

On the 26/03/2016

Saturday, 5 PM GMT (sorry aussies)
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Your higher rating will count in the tourney, if you are 1800 ladder but 1500 global then you are 1800 in the eyes of this tournament
Players who get caught of artificially lowering their rating will be banned from this and all future tournaments
Double Elimination 
Default settings
If a disconnect results in a loss or a rematch will be decided by the tournament director
A draw results in a rematch, but without a time limit increase.
If a match doesn’t start within 15 minutes of a T.D announcing the round starting the T.D may disqualify any players causing delay
You must have played at least 10 ladder games within the last month to participate.

1st place: King of Aeon Avatar
2nd place: A faction avatar of your choice
3rd place: Faction logo of your choice