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Empire ladder week has ended!

Its the end of the week and so the end of this endeavor. Over the course of this week we have seen a great increase in activity from high and low rated players alike, even a few games from players who were taking a break from FAF!

The man with the most points, the most games played, the DOMINATOR of the ladder, who will be GRANTED the ladder warrior avatar, is none other than BeastmodeGuNs!

With a grand total of 180 points, he came out on top after a grueling battle for first place, ahead by just 2 draws, with the winner being decided less than 10 minutes before the week ended!

The empire clan would like to thank everyone for participating; look forward to more events like this in the future. We have prepared some statistics for your amusement.


During this week we had:

53 participants who submitted at least one game, of which 35 had at least 5 wins

– a total of 953 replays submitted, consisting of 651 wins, 274 losses, and 28 draws

– members from 13 clans participated, of which 13 players were in the empire clan

This event was organized by the empire clan, with special thanks to HotFog and Gorton Norton.