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Empire ladder week has begun!

The mighty ladder warrior!

Empire ladder week is starting at 0pm GMT+1 ! 11/04/2016

We have set up channels in our TS server so you can join them and chill with us while playing ladder. Simply PM an [e] clan member for the IP. We aim to always have at least one stream running at all times. when you have to go, simply host someone else’s ladder stream on there to keep it going. There is a separate channel for playing and for dual casting, ect. We can add more channels if you require them. We encourage you to participate and stream, and you can start late if you wish, and everyone is welcome!

We will be keeping track of replays during the week and maintain a leader-board here.

If you want to participate ask us an we will give you permission to edit this google dog. Its your responsibility to make sure your replays get on there! either ask someone or ask for editing rights!

The commander with the most points at the end of the week will be AWARDED the prestigious Ladder Warrior Avatar!
Its colour’s can even be customized to suit!