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Supreme Gladiator Series

Welcome to the Supreme Gladiator series
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Only the best players get the chance to become a Gladiator and fight for the honour, the cash and the girls.
Handpicked pairings guarantee thrilling and action packed matches on all kinds of maps.


The first duel

Clan: [e]mpire
Ladderrank: #20
Age: 23
Occupation: Student
Nation: Ireland
Joined: December 2014
Special moment during his FAF career:
Winning the WWPC u1900 for the first time after an epic BO5 vs TA4Life


Clan: [VoR] Voice of Reason 
Ladderrank: #15
Occupation: Student
Nation: Great Britain
Joined: October 2014
Special moment during his FAF career:
Beating Adjux in a BO3 during the Intergalactic Colloseum

A key part of this BO11 is the limits to faction us,  and choice of faction must be made before the game!

The winner will receive 50$ (+ donations)

As for the rest of the rules, maps and other things go to the forum post for full info!

regards, Mephi