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FAF Coding School

Most of us always wanted to contribute to FAF but lack the coding skills to do so. Especially for those people, Softly(Softles) will be hosting a FAF coding school where he will explain how to start contributing. There is absolutely no coding skill required!

There will be a dedicated chat room for all participants, where you can learn and ask questions. Sheeo will be present where he can so don’t miss out! speed2 will also be there, to help out anyone interested in making scripted maps and working on ingame tutorials.

Topics that we will be covering:

  • Basic coding
  • How the server works and the logic behind it
  • How to set up your own development environment on your pc
  • How to make and test changes

This session will be hosted on the upcoming Saturday, for the entire day, starting 9 am GMT. To join, simply type /join #FAF_Dev_School into the aeolus chat!

We are looking forward to seeing you there to make the difference for our beloved community, please spread this to any motivated friends you know to maximize the profit of Softly and our other developers’ devoted time. See you soon!