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Patch 3654

Patch 3654 has been released, changelog as follows:


  • The change in 3652 which refreshed intel for a blip on upgrade had unintentional free intel side effects we have been unable to solve. As such, that change has been reversed


  • Fixed reductions in MaxHealth resulting in UI displaying 10000/9000 HP
  • Added slot numbers in the lobby
  • Toggling the shield on a selection of units with a mix of active and inactive shields now toggles them ON instead of OFF
  • The tooltip now shows for ACU and sACU upgrades that are not yet buildable


  • Reclaiming something under construction won’t stall out any more
  • Drones no longer display build-range rings
  • UEF Drones no longer leave wrecks
  • Fixed Seraphim Regen Aura level two not applying to newly built units
  • Fixed Billy using the full ‘Ignore shields’ nuke code
  • Fixed a typo in the Seraphim ACU which prevented the Gun upgrade from being completed
  • Fixed Chrono Dampener getting jammed by Overcharge
  • Fixed FX bug on Deceiver


  • Removed unused code

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this patch:


  • Crotalus
  • duk3luk3
  • IceDreamer
  • Sheeo
  • Softly
  • Uveso