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Roos and Drop Bears Tourny #5 – 28th of May

You joining? You better be joining! I’m watching you! XD

Time and date:
Saturday the 28th of May, 9am BST(Britsh Summer Time-GMT)- to name some cities:
8pm Auckland
6pm Brisbane/Sydney/Canberra/Melb time
5pm Tokyo
4pm Perth, Beijing
Check your timezone

Challonge page 
Note: if your challonge name is different to your in game name please advice in the thread below. If you can’t make a challonge account for whatever reason, post in the thread and you’ll be manually added.

This is a tournament for all the australian, asian, nz, pacific region and others that find it hard to wake up for the european/american based tournaments but all who are awake at the time are welcome! 
There is no rank limit. Just join in and have fun! I try to add and change up the map pool every tournament!

You need to be in the tournament channel 15 minutes prior to the start of the tournament type “/join #RoosAndDropBears” to join the tournament channel
You must be signed up in the challonge page to participate – if you have issues with challonge, let me know in this thread and I’ll manually add you
This will be a double elimination 1v1 tournament with the default settings
Read the rest of the rules here

Remember this is just for fun and it’s good practice. Don’t worry about your rating, everyone starts somewhere! 
Who doesn’t like an underdog? ^.^

First prize: Tourney winner avatar and $10AUD
Second prize: Face of a faction avatar
Third prize: Logo of a faction avatar

Map pool
Red Rocks
Frozen Dreams
Hexagonian Drylands
Moji Island Clutch >Advance Wars< 2v2
Veil of Stars V3
Williamson’s Bridge 
TAG Voi Vittu v2
High Noon
Blasted Rock

<3 Violet Ania