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Coop Fix/Update

With the client update (0.11.60) the last part of coop fixing has arrived. Hosting of coop games is possible again. The mod itself and all the missions are updated to work with the current patch with many fixes and improvements including 2 completely new missions!

Read the changelog below for more information, and brief description of the new missions.

Read this before hosting:

There is a known issue with coop lobby wrongly passing settings to the game which should get fixed with next game patch. Meanwhile you can avoid the issue by hosting a normal game on FAF, in options set “Sandbox” as a victory condition, exit the lobby and then host a Coop game. Second issue is that difficulty is not properly set and that causes to start the map zoomed out with nothing spawning. It can be fixed by changing the difficulty in the lobby.

Known issues related just the to missions are listed below the changelog. If you find a new ones, do report them. Either on forums, but preferably on Git (don’t forget to include game.log)


General fixes:

  • Vanilla voices are downloaded with the coop mod (those are all the updates that take time to download when you try to host the first time)
  • Added support for Seraphim missions.
  • Added support for new platoon templates (T3 mobile AA, carriers, fighter bombers and others)
  • Coop players should have different colors now.
  • Player’s ACUs are named when spawned.
  • Friendly AI doesn’t share resources anymore. (Report missions where it’s still a problem)
  • ACUs spawning from a gate should be more smooth.
  • If friendly AI’s ACU teleports out because of taking too much damage. It’s base won’t be building units anymore.
  • Missions where units were teleporting out using gate work again.
  • Fixed some of the initial wrecks not giving any resources.
  • Players can share units and resources.
  • Fixed bug with invicible ACUs.
  • Spawns are correctly shown on the minimap in the game lobby.
  • Missions are properly named in the lobby. Grouped by campaigns.
  • Improved AI’s economy, it should not stall E that much, report missions where it’s still broken.
  • T2 Mass fabs drain 40e, T3 Mass fabs 1000e
  • Player’s mass fabs are no longer paused at the beginning of the mission.
  • Aeon player should get the right green color.
  • Reminders no longer play when objective is done.

Aeon Campaign:

  • Machine Purge (2nd mission)
    • Added missing file with attack platoons
  • High Tide (3rd mission)
    • Fixed positions of Torp Launchers wreckages so they can be rebuilt
      without reclaiming

Cybran Campaign:

  • Liberation (1st mission)
    • Fixed Mission not starting.
  • Mainframe Tango (4th mission)
    • Fixed map not expanding
  • Unlock (5th mission)
    • Fixed map not expanding after first objective.
  • Freedom (6th mission)
    • Fixed map not expanding

UEF Campaign:

  • Black Earth (1st mission)
    • Fixed Research Station not allying with players.
  • Vaccine (4rd mission)
    • Fixed mission not starting.
  • Stone Wall (6th mission)
    • Fixed mission not working for more than 2 players.

FA Campaign:

  • Black Day (1st mission)
    • Fixed map not expanding after finishing firt objective.
  • Dawn (2nd mission)
    • Mission rebalanced back to the origninal.
    • Fixed AI’s eco.
    • Replaced initial wrecked T3 mexes by T2 and T1.
  • Red Flag (3rd mission)
    • Improved AI eco, added both mass and energy storages. AI should not stall anymore.
    • Initial wrecked T3 mexes replaced by T2.
    • Replaced most of the HQs by support factories.
  • Meltdown (4th mission)
    • Fixed mission not starting.
    • Dostya’s base no longer shown.
    • Dostya dies as intended during cinematics.
    • Replaced initial wrecked T3 HQs by support factories
  • Mind Games (5th mission)
    • Fletcher get initial resources to build up his base faster.
    • Fixed mission not expanding after killing Hex5
  • Overlord (6th mission)
    • Fixed mission not starting.

Custom Missions:

New missions are meant to be a bit of a challenge for good players on hard difficulty. So if you have problems beating them, don’t be ashamed to lower the difficulty.

  • Prothyon – 16
    • UEF mission
    • Description: Prothyon – 16 is a secret UEF facillity for training new ACU pilots. Your task is to provide a demonstration to our newest recruits by fighting against a training AI.
    • Designed for 1 player but fully supports 4 players.
    • Gameplay time is over 1 hour.
    • Voice overs are done for like 80% of the mission. So don’t get surprised if you don’t hear anything at the late stages of the mission.
    • Share your thoughts and opinions about Prothyon – 16 in this forum thread:
  • Fort Clarke Assault
    • Seraphim Mission
    • First FA mission from Seraphim point of view.
    • Supports 4 players with different starting positions.
    • Gameplay time is around 1 hour.
    • This mission is still in early stage of development, so expect issues there. Especially in the last part of the mission. If you finish the main objective and game doesn’t end, just quit with the good feeling.
    • Share your thoughts and opinions about Fork Clarke Assault and Seraphim campaign in this forum thread:

Knows issues:

  • FA Mission 4 – announcement for Engie stations plays twice
  • Captured units might disappear due to new restriction system, report everywhere where it happens.
  • Prothyon-16 – Desync during second objective with more than one player. No idea what’s causing it yet. For now you might need to play solo, but more logs are always welcome!
  • Last part of Fort Clarke Assault is not fully finished yet. “Anything” can go wrong there

The Future:

Now when the missions can be tested more easily, I’ll try to fix the remaining issues asap. I have started work on 2 new missions, one for Cybran, one for Seraphim. Also there are 2 other guys making their own missions so you can expect more. I’ll be posting any test versions of the missions into this forum thread so if you’re intrested and willing to help out testing, keep an eye on it.


Huge THANKS to everyone who helped fixing Coop 🙂