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The community-driven lobby for Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance.

Ultimate Series

Getting tired of having 10 different version of the same map with only very small differences? Did you ever want to know how the map would be played if there was some additional reclaim somewhere? Or a hydro? Or did you host a game and no one joins, so you want to start with fewer players, but the map has too many spawnpoints? Or some friends show up when your game is almost full?
All these problems have a simple solution: adaptive maps. These maps just adapt, to give you the experience you want from the game by allowing some customization and dynamical spawning of ressources. The maps allow for 16 players, so if you want to play 4v4 and some friends show up, just open some more spots and the ressources for the additional players will spawn. All of these maps allow customization in the game options.
Currently available maps:
  • Canis Ultimate
  • Hilly Plateau Ultimate
  • Zeta Wonder Ultimate
  • Wonder Open Ultimate

Maps made by CookieNoob with big help from KeyBlue (coding) and SupremeBurger (map edit).