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Theta Civilian Rescue

This is the official release announcement of the new custom coop mission: Theta Civilian Rescue

Some Cybran scum has kidnapped civilians from one of our settlements. Our intelligence officers were able to roughly pinpoint their current location. It is your job to go in and rescue them. We don’t want to give them reason to retaliate later on, so the weaponry available to you, will be restricted. Good luck out there, Commander. Bring them home safe.

You may have noticed that the mission was added to the custom coop missions tab a month ago. Until recently it still contained some bugs and some bad unit behaviour. Most, if not all, of these issues have been resolved in the latest update.

It is still pretty much as difficult as it used to be. Everything should be done within a certain time frame or else the situation will just keep getting worse. So I would advise you not to play on hard on your first playthrough, if you aren’t confident in your skills.

The mission is a little different when you play with 3 or more players. There are some extra static defences and patrols in both the 1st and 2nd parts. So don’t be surprised to see more things to kill when playing with some coop partners. (At the moment it is possible to add some AI players, they don’t do anything, to add these defences if you’re unable/uninterested to get 3 players)

I hope you will enjoy the experience and would love some feedback, war stories and reports of possible bugs.
You can post them here :

Special thanks to:
speed2 for making this all possible and his help with the coding
JJs_AI for doing the Voice Overs.