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2016-11-21 Server update v0.5.2

Server update v0.5.2 has been deployed today.


  • Fixed issue #229 “Ratings not properly updated after game”
  • Fixed issue #230 “Rating not properly updated (ValueError: Need multiple rating groups)”
  • Fixed issue #231 “Achievements: Correctly detect whether a player survived”
  • Fixed issue #232 “Add server side support to update game title from lobby”
  • Fixed issue #239 “Record which client people are using”
  • Fixed issue #240 “Enable UID check again”
  • Fixed issue #241 “Server does not handle missing mod icon”
  • Fixed issue #245 “Allow admins to send broadcast messages”

A note on #240

The UID check prevents the use of multiple accounts on the same machine. This was done to reduce smurfing. The check existed back in time but has been disabled for a while – which caused The┬áRise of the Smurfs.

This check has been enabled again. As a result, every account which was used on the same system as another account, needs to be linked to steam in order to log in. Please contact an admin on the forums if you need an exception to this rule (but you must have strong arguments).

A note on #245

In future, it will be possible to inform all players about server updates/restarts.