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FAF Client preview

After no release for several months, the official FAF Python Client now has a new maintainer (OppressiveDuke / duk3luk3) and a preview release.

Version 0.11.61-pre2 can be downloaded from the github releases page now.

Just download and run the MSI file. If it causes any problem, just reinstall the old release version.

This release contains lots of bugfixes and changes:

  • Make it possible to choose subset of factions in ladder
  • Re-enable notification of game events
  • Update UI in the Replayvault
    • Split generateInfoPlayersHtml into different methods
    • Moved HTML as much as possible to the top and in constants
    • Added free-for-all in the extra information of the replay
    • Removed observers from the extra information of the replay
    • Removed after rating from extra information of the replay (in code)
  • Added option to sort nicknames with friends on top.
  • Multiple mods are now downloaded if required
  • Fixed sorting bug with the player list
  • Add linux support (thanks @muellni)
  • Add new uid implementation (thanks @muellni)
  • Leaderboard display performance improvement (#438, thanks @grotheFAF)
  • Save game logs as default
  • Fix a bug with preview generation (#481)
  • Remove unused map downloader class (#483)
  • Fix error in PERSONAL_DIR selection (#428)
  • Make map preview download asynchronous (#507)
  • Fix duration for live games in Replays (#497, thank @grotheFAF)

We will continue to work hard on getting this client back to a respectable standard.

One of the main items on the roadmap is the integration of an ICE adapter as new game connection relay that should make the connection quality much better.

Other more technical items are: Upgrade to Python 3, transition to the new API instead of using the legacy server, fixing map/mod upload, and otherwise getting up to par with Downlord’s excellent client.

Please test this prerelease and report any bugs you find in the Tech support forum or on github!