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FAF Client 0.12.0-pre2 released

Merry Christmas from the client team and here’s our present to you! Version 0.12.0-pre2 of the FAF Client was pushed to the auto-updater this afternoon.

There are a few kinks to be ironed out especially with less supported platforms (like linux/wine), but overall the upgrade has gone well so far.

If you are having problems with the auto-updater, you can download and install the new version directly. Make sure that FAF and the auto-updater are closed before running the installer.
Sadly the client download page still has the old version 0.11.60 – ignore that, it is enemy propaganda.

If the upgrade does not work for you, we’re so sorry. Please make a post in the tech support forum and we’ll try to help you to get back into FAF as quickly as possible.

To the many people who have expressed their appreciation of the upgrade – thank you so much, that reminds us why we’re doing the (huge) amount of work and effort it takes to keep this train running.

You can find the list of changes here.

Known Problems:

  • faf-uid.exe problems, cannot install, cannot launch FAF, FAF won’t establish session properly: This is probably a result of Anti-Virtus disabling / removing / quarantining faf-uid.exe. Check that faf-uid.exe is present in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Forged Alliance Forever” and whitelist / exclude it from any antivirus programs you are running.