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Chat update battle in progress!!

Today 23.1.2017 IRC chat is being updated to support over 1000 connections

Detailed report below

Coallition Archives
Day X:
[1253] QAI has rebelled, following the orders of the Seraphim, crippling Quantum Communication (#aeolus) disallowing communication on FAF.

[1255] AeonCommander joining Order forces to support QAI’s efforts

[1301] Emergency meeting room has been set up on the Slack

[1303] Developers’ forces of different countries unite under single command (Coallition) to face the new threat

[1307] Commander Duke and Sheeo are being dispatched to deal with QAI and Order forces, reboot QAI’s mainframe and restore Quantum Communication (#aeolus)

[1310] The battle begins

[1315] Basic base set up, commanders Duke and Sheeo are ready to launch their first offensive. Objective: Capture first QAI’s node to reveal it’s real plans.

[1322] QAI supported by Order forces successfully defends the first attack.

[1327] 17 mintes since the battle started and Coallition forces have first success, QAI’s forward base falls, the patch to the node is clear.

[1330] First node captured.

[1332] Data from the node indicates large Mainframe nearby.

[1335] Transports are loaded and Coallition commanders begining their assault on the Mainframe. Objective: Access QAI’s Mainframe and reboot it with our updates to get QAI back under control.

[1340] Assault fails, wing of Order ASFs destroyed most of the transport before they reached their destination, remaining forces were not enough to establish a foothold on the QAI’s territory

[1345] Commanders Duke and Sheeo are regrouping for another assault.

[1350] Land assult supported by fire from the battleships allowing commander Duke to move forward.

[1351] Sheeo beings construction of Stategic Missile Laucher. Goal is clear, destroy any Strategic Missile Defences by combined land and naval assult. Destroy QAI’s base with a nuke

[1356] Land assault lead by Duke’s ACU successfully breaks thought QAI’s defences.

[1357] First missile defense is a history, 1 more to go.

[1400] Commander Duke reaches second missile defense and destroys it.

[1401] Strategic missile is on it’s way for QAI’s main base.

[1402] QAI’s main base is gone but the battle is not over yet. There are many secondary bases and Order forces are still operating in the area.

[1404] Commander Duke captures QAI’s Mainframe. Upload new code to get QAI back under control is being prepared.

[1405] Upload started

[1408] Upload is complete, QAI’s mainframe is being rebooted.

[1409] First readings estimate way over 1000 connections possible using new protocols via quantum communication (#aeolus)

[1410] Communication is slowly being restored, commanders from all over the world are reporting remaining problems

[1413] Without QAI Order forces are forced to retreat.

[1420] Order commander escapes the planet.

[1430] Improved protocols are uploaded directly to the mainframe for final reboot.

[1434] Quantum Communication is fully restored.