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Equilibrium Featured Mod!

Hello! Some of you may have known, some of you may have waited for this, most of you dreaded this, but it’s finally happened!

Equilibrium is now officially a featured mod in FAF!


Since its had a little bit of a shady past lets just explain a little about what it is and why you should be interested/care:


– Equilibrium is a balance mod. It’s the largest balance mod currently in active development.

– The purpose of this mod is to fix the existing issues with the game, and make improvements to gameplay by increasing its strategic diversity, while keeping the overall feel of the game the same.

– You don’t need to read the changelog at all to be able to play, you can do exactly what you always do and it will work. There are even cases of people not noticing that they played the mod!

– We maintain a complete, interactive changelog here:

– It’s updated more than once a year, unlike the official balance patches. And also if some bug is discovered it’s fixed and released the next day, not the next 6 months.

– If you have any feedback, we will be happy to listen to you. However please back up your opinions with replay evidence first, and post in the equilibrium forum thread.


– This mod is intended to be played without other sim mods! We can’t guarantee compatibility or any sort of balance if you turn 50 different mods on!

We hope that you will enjoy it as much as everyone else who has played it so far!