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FAF Client 0.12.0 Preview 3

Get FAF Client 0.12.0-pre3 from Github!

This is the last preview release of version 0.12 of the official FAF Python Client.
It contains a good amount of improvements and fixes on top of the last preview release.

Changes since 0.12.0-pre2:

  • replace Tab Livestreams with (old) Unit Database (#539)
  • Add logging to game updater and disable cert verification on test server (#558)
  • Clean up ‘res’ directory finding (#552)
  • Improve ladder race selection (#554)
  • Make selected mods persistent (#560)
  • Disable modvault feedback (#568)
  • Fix local replays being shown as broken when offline (#564)
  • Update ‘Search Options’ in Replays (#498)
    • Load recent replays list only on first entry
    • Add Button ‘Refresh Recent List’/’Reset Search to Recent’
    • Add Checkbox to enable Automatic Refresh (old behavior)
    • Add Label ‘Searching…’ while waiting for server
    • Change ‘Min rating’ steps to 100
  • Fix ‘View Replays in Vault’ change to ‘Online Vault’ Tab (#495)
  • Make announcements less annoying (#575, thanks @HardlySoftly!)

Thanks to all the contributors and users that made this release possible.

Please install this release (direct installer download) and let us know of any problems you have, either on the Tech Support Forum, in the Github issues, or contact one of our trusted moderators in #aeolus.

You can also reinstall the current client release if you have any problems. Just download and run the installer.