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Balance Patch 3674 and Balance Councillor change

Hello everyone,

Balance patch 3674 has just gone live. You can find the changes here:

This patch includes changes to many buildings’ hp values and also a number of changes to the Ythotha.
We have accentuated the hp differences in the factions to make them more relevant. UEF has more hp than other factions and cybran has the least. Cybran will get a small amount of regen on its buildings in exchange for its lower hp. These changes will be monitored very closely and are likely to be updated quickly if certain changes are shown to be too drastic.
The main change to the Ythotha is a large increase in its micro capabilities as it now has a much greater firing angle on all of its weapons. It also gets a slight increase in range to allow for more micro and buff it generally. The Ythotha’s AA has also been fixed so it should actually hit air units now. Leave your feedback and vitriol here:

Additionally I am going to step down as Balance Councillor. Thanks to everyone who helped with the balance work in the past years. The Council decided on JaggedAppliance as new Balance Councillor.

Thank you and goodbye,