Forged Alliance Forever

The community-driven lobby for Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance.

FAForever Client Release 0.12.2

Update: The 0.12.2 client version has now been released. When running FAF, you will be prompted to update. Click “yes” and wait for the update to finish downloading – the download progress bar may not always show up, just wait.

You can also download the release directly from Github.

Hello FAF,

work on the python client continues at good pace, so here’s another update with small fixes and improvements while we wait for the big ICE update to drop.

Please test this release and report any problems you find with it to moderators or on the tech support forum.

Download the release from Github. If you have problems with it you can always get back to an older version by reinstalling! If you don’t have a current installer you can get it from the website.


  • Make sure client updater progress is shown (#605)
  • Check for updates on Github (#578)
  • fix usability of ‘Live Games’ in Replays (#615)
  • Fix live replay sorting (#616)
  • Unpack movies from mod packages (#610)
  • Render “what’s new” directly in client from WP-API (#533, #603)
  • Fix updater displaying update dialog twice (#612)


  • Duke
  • Grothe
  • Wesmania