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February 13th – Coop Update

What’s new:
After a while coop comes with another update. Major thing that got added is a feedback button to the score screen which leads to the forum thread for the mission. So feel free to post any suggestion or problems you encounter.

You can find the full changelog for missions here:

and for the coop mod here:

Report Issues:
If you find any issues make sure to report them. Preferably on Github: or on the forums. (Don’t forget to include game.log!!)

Coop Slack Channel:
If anyone is intrested into making a new mission, improving the current ones or helping with voice action, there’s a #coop channel on the FAF Slack. Slack is a tool that all FAF developers and contributors use to coordinate our efforts. For joining PM me (speed2) your e-mail adress either in the chat or on the forums and you will recieve an invitation.

What’s next?
As many of you might know there are still desync issues with coop.I have found another 2 sources of it.

One will be fixed with the next game patch, this desync happens during mid operation cameras (mostly in vanilla missions when you complete some objective) or even in FA mission when camera zooms in on a dying ACU.

Second happens in vanilla mission when one of the players in the game doesn’t have linked vanilla Supreme Commander while others do. This causes a different length of the voice overs and that desync the game. Solution to this one would be to rework the system of voice overs or to provide the videos to the missions from the server.