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Introducing the new Balance Team

Hello Faffers,

In case you have missed the news, Zock has stepped down as Balance Councillor and the Council of Seton’s have elected me(JaggedAppliance) as successor. First off, a massive thanks to Zock for his contributions as balance councilor, he made a lot of important changes to improve this great game and put a huge amount of work into FAF.

Now I would like to introduce the new team that I am forming. We start with PetricPwnz, (currently Flat_Is_Justice), one of the best players in FAF history, and one of the most knowledgable in the game. He will have an important role across many parts of the balance process.

Next, PhilipJFry([JEW]Jitsu) brings his seton’s experience to bear on balance. His ruthless dedication to a single map will transfer well into being a thorough tester. His initial focus will be on the hp changes introduced in the most recent patch.

Turinturambar and Nexus- are joining the team for their high level experience in 1v1s. Among other things, they will be the main initial testers for the t3 land patch which is the next major milestone for the balance team.

Zock needs no introduction. He will stay on as a member of the balance team, giving us his important insights for the future.

There may be more additions in the future but I feel this a very solid core to start with. Thank you in advance for your feedback and support should you choose to give it.