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The nomads are back.

We Are Back

Bored of playing with UEF?
Aeon, Cybran also lost their charm?
Seraphim not interesting enough?

We have the solution! The featured mod ‘nomads‘ is working again.

It adds a completely new faction to the game with a unique background and abilities.
Orbital artillery, folding transports, underwater mobile missile launcher and intelligence drones…

…all that and many more assets like these are in the arsenal of the nomads.

Let us know how you like it and join us in celebrating this exciting revival in the forum!

Main developer: CookieNoob
Development Team: Exotic_Retard, KeyBlue,  RK4000, Ithilis, JJs_AI, dudekahedron

Special thanks goes to OppressiveDuke and brute51.

Nomads Poster