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Clash of Clans Tournament

It’s time to prove what clan can not only succeed as warriors in aeolus or in custom lobbies but also against their competition; their fellow clans. Prove not only your own capability as a commander but also your ability to adapt strategies alongside friends and allies across a varied spectrum of maps! Battle some of the best players in the game everywhere from the scorching plains of Theta Passage to the beautiful seas of Betrayal Ocean in games ranging from 1v1s all the way up to 4v4s! Show everyone once and for all the power of your stack and your ability to farm points.monkeyghetto

It’s time for the Clash of Clans Tournament

More details are in the above link to the forum thread, but some general info

Expected Tournament Starting Date:
17/4/2017 will be the start of Round 1, 1/4/2017 will be the map reveal day for Round 1.

Current TDs:

Clan Requirements:
– Minimum of 4 members

– Has a designated leader that will be responsible for organising their team and reporting results. This leader must post the clan name and clan tag in the post requesting entry in the tournament.