Forged Alliance Forever

The community-driven lobby for Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance.

Client version 0.12.3 Preview

Hello FAF,

tl;dr: New client preview, please download, install and test!

There is a new client version on the horizon – another release of small improvements and bugfixes. It can be downloaded from Github and if no big problems are found, will see final release in a few days.

Please report any problems in the forum or to one of our moderators!

Here is the changelog:

  • Add feature to disable / delay client notifications while ingame (#627 / #628)
  • Point other links to the new website (#636)
  • Point account-related links to the new website (#631/#633)
  • Replace account creation wizard with link to FAF ‘create account’ page (#577 / #635)
  • Fix typo preventing rehost feature from working (#630 / #632)
  • Remove needless abstract base class for client (#629)
  • Fall back to APPDATA if Documents folder cannot be created (#619, #626)
  • Make all (themed) stylesheets reloadable (#584)
  • Add option to always load outdated themes in given version of FA (#583 / #634)


  • Duke
  • speed2
  • Wesmania
  • yorick

Special thanks to Wesmania (mazornoob), who contributed a lot to this release and has contributed and helped out a lot in the past few weeks.