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March 2017 Server update v0.6.1

The server has been updated to v0.6.1.

Normally I wouldn’t include the API or database changelog, however, since the server changes aren’t very impressing I’d like to show you that more than just those two fixes have been done.



  • Fixed issue #197 “People can’t join my Coop game”
  • Fixed issue #275 “Make Equilibrium ranked”


  • Fixed issue #107 “Mod upload fails w/o decent error message”
  • Fixed issue #111 “Deployment of game code”
  • Fixed issue #116 “Routes for coop leaderboards”


  • Fixed issue #47 “Fix game_stats.mapId”
  • Fixed issue #48 “game_player_stats.playerId has no FK constraint on login”
  • Fixed issue #51 “Remove obsolete tables”
  • Fixed issue #54 “Create view for achievement statistics”
  • Fixed issue #55 “Foreign keys for clan tables”
  • Fixed issue #58 “Primary and foreign keys for “teamkills””
  • Fixed issue #69 “Foreign key game_player_stats.gameId ->”
  • Fixed issue #71 “View for 1v1 and global rating stats”
  • Fixed issue #74 “Improve Dockerization”

– Downlord