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Yuri’s Gladiators Tournament

Next friday (march 24th) there will be THE TOURNAMENT.

8 teams, 16 players. Each team must have under 2500 summary rating (we’re looking at Global rating).

Check out the forum thread for rules and more information:

The tournament will be played live, and it will be streamed live (my YouTube channel). It begins on 18:00 GMT+3 (Moscow time) on Friday, March 24th. We won’t be able to play it all in one sitting, so on Friday it will be two first rounds. Finals would be on Monday 18:00 GMT+3 (Moscow time). My streams are announced via YouTube beforehand, so if you subscribe or check with it sometimes, you’ll see when a stream will occur in your own time zone.
If you attach yourself to this tournament, then you agree to participate during those streams.

Signup here – Remember – you sign up as a team (single entity), then please post in the forum thread to tell us what is the team, and what players do you have. If you don’t want to sign up on challonge, post in the thread (both players are required to post), and I will add you myself.
Be creative with you team’s name.

Half of PayPal donations from stream will be given to FAF development team. You can donate on my stream when it’s live (links are in description, russian one and PayPal international one). For a donation on stream you get to write a message and order which song to play (I play all songs during my streams).

-With Love, Yuri Ivanov