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Developer Conference #11

Editor’s Note: If you prefer not to read English: Translations / Übersetzungen / Traduction — Duke

Hello Commanders! In the 10th Developer Converence last week time ran out and as a result a few points on the agenda did not get addressed. Due to that a shorter conference did happen only a few days after. This post is meant to provide a short summary of the most important talking points of the conference. The entire video is available on the FAForever Youtube channel.

  • ACU Customizations:
    • JJ is working on custom skins for ACUs.
    • The custom skins can be rewards for the Patreon reward system, donators, tournament winners or contributors.
    • Creative input/help is as always welcome. You can pm JJ on Discord for suggestions.
  • Budget:
    • Our current income from Patreon amounts to 235$ per month.
    • The server cost will amount to approximately 100$ per month. Currently FAF is being hosted on fairly pricey servers that are being paid for by Visionik until we move.
    • Which leaves us with 135$ of disposable income that can be used for tournament prizes, bounties on bugs or saved.
  • Translations:
    • We currently have a few people that can translate What’s New posts from English to German/French.
    • If you are willing and able to translate to Russian/Spanish/Italian or any other language that you are proficient in please contact a moderator.
    • We also need translators for the loading screen made by speed2, tutorials, coop and the rest of FA . If you can translate them to Spanish/Italian we’d be glad if you could PM speed2.

Again a big thank you to all the Patreons that support the project and will allow us to cover the server.