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Minions and Legends Tournament

Sunday, 23rd of April, 18:00 (GMT+1) (Players not in channel at 18:10 will be replaced).

IRC channel: #MnL
Bracket and Matchups:
Tournament directors: Stups and Jackherer
Caster: Arkitect

This is a 3v3 tournament with a fourth player acting as a coach that will direct the team during the game (he will ctrl+k after launch). To sign up, go on the forum If you do not have a forum account, contact a tournament director, he will proxy sign you up. If you have any questions contact a tournament director, please don’t clutter the thread (unwanted posts will be removed).
Thank you.

Tournament style:
– Players will be randomly chosen into 6 teams.
– Participants (minions) must have a rating between 1100-1600 globally or 1000-1500 on ladder. If you exceed 1600 global rating or 1500 ladder you cant play
– Swiss where the top two teams in standing will play a final.