Forged Alliance Forever

The community-driven lobby for Supreme Commander : Forged Alliance.

FAF Client: 0.12.5 Release Candidate


after initial field testing elicited no reports of major issues, the 0.12.5 Version of the Python Client has now been promoted to Release Candidate.

This version contains a big bag of bugfixes and improvements, for example:

  • New themeable login widget
  • Better connection / login logic
  • Better “Play” view (Game sorting)
  • Better “Replays” view (Display, sorting and searching)

You will be prompted to install it the next time you start FAF, or you can download it directly:

Download 0.12.5 from Github [Github Release Info]

If you have a problem with this client version, please report it to the Tech Support Forum!

You can also revert back to version 0.12.4 by downloading and reinstalling it.

Full changelog:

  • Significantly refactor connection to lobby server (#620, #621)
  • Remove redundant APPDATA_DIR loading in util (#665, #666)
  • Fix theme breakage caused by a promoted widget (#669, #670)
  • Fix random/nomads faction shown in replay info (#676)
  • Fix lobby name change not showing in Play (#690)
  • Add sorting games By Map, Host and Age to Play (#686)
  • Fix set mod to ‘All’ from chat user ‘View Replays in Vault’ (#695)
  • Mod dropdown-list in Replays show all mods (no scrolling) (#696)
  • Recognise nosuchnick irc server message
  • Purge last remains of (long removed) mumble integration (#681, #682)
  • Don’t use eval in legacy updater (#715, #716)
  • Fix crash on opening files in explorer on non-Windows (#654, #655)
  • Clean up layout of login widget (#652, #653)
  • Use “foo” instead of user password in develop mode (#712, #653)
  • Remove unused label from GamesWidget (#717)
  • Fix for user in chat shown in long gone games (#705)
  • Fix some unicode handling problems (#689, #721)
  • Rework autologin logic to fix loops at login error (#720, #722)
  • Allow the user to stay offline instead of logging in (#727, #728)


  • Wesmania
  • Grothe
  • Duke

Happy hunting!


— OppressiveDuke