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FAF Client: Version 0.12.5 Preview

Greetings Commanders,

a new version of the Mod0 Pre-Battle-Operations Firmware (aka “Python Client”) has been developed here at Sol HQ and is now available for downloading into your Command Unit.

It includes the following improvements and new features to further enhance your ACU’s pre-tactical operational capabilities:

  • Significantly refactor connection to lobby server (#620, #621)
  • Remove redundant APPDATA_DIR loading in util (#665, #666)
  • Fix theme breakage caused by a promoted widget (#669, #670)
  • Fix random/nomads faction shown in replay info (#676)
  • Fix lobby name change not showing in Play (#690)
  • Add sorting games By Map, Host and Age to Play (#686)
  • Fix set mod to ‘All’ from chat user ‘View Replays in Vault’ (#695)
  • Mod dropdown-list in Replays show all mods (no scrolling) (#696)
  • Recognise nosuchnick irc server message
  • Purge last remains of (long removed) mumble integration (#681, #682)
  • Don’t use eval in legacy updater (#715, #716)
  • Fix crash on opening files in explorer on non-Windows (#654, #655)
  • Clean up layout of login widget (#652, #653)
  • Use “foo” instead of user password in develop mode (#712, #653)
  • Remove unused label from GamesWidget (#717)
  • Fix for user in chat shown in long gone games (#705)
  • Fix some unicode handling problems (#689, #721)
  • Rework autologin logic to fix loops at login error (#720, #722)

Feedback and After-Action Reports can be reported to any field supervisor (FAF Moderator) or directly through the long-range comms system (Tech Support Forum).

OppressiveDuke out.