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FAFMod: Hotfix Patch 3677 & Balance Patch 3678

Greetings Commanders!

There’s a new balance patch on the horizon (We’re calling it 3678 for now), in addition to the big bugfix patch that’s been on FAF Develop for the past few weeks. You can view the full change log here:

The new Balance Patch  is available on “FAFBeta”.

In other news, with the hotfix patch 3677 that is live since yesterday, we have made a change to the way that the game and server coordinate the communication of game results, eliminating one possible type of game result bugs. If you experience any issues with the results of your game now, please report it to the appropriate thread on the tech support forum. Remember to read the OP before posting your logs – logs from the host are required!

Game Results Thread:

Happy Hunting!