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Hotfix Patch 3682

Greetings Commanders

Today we have another hotfix for you. It has a few small changes that were ready so I’ve put them in to get them to you guys, but the main purpose of this patch is this:

“-Fixed a typo that is probably responsible for the rare sim freeze bug that has been happening since 3680”

I can’t stress enough how hard this was to detect, and enormous thanks to MrNukealizer. Without him I think we would have been going for days. I also can’t stress enough that although we’re fairly confident this is the cause, this bug was very, very hard to reproduce. It was very rare. This means we’re not 100% sure it is fixed with this correction, even though it’s in the right place and is the right kind of thing to break the game in that way. If after this patch your game freezes with no errors, but still lets you move the camera around, please let us know on the forums, on slack, on github, or by PMing a moderator.

The good news is that we found it. More good news is that you get a bunch of small updates a few weeks early.

The best news is that I can tease something we’re working on for the next big feature pack:

Oh yes! Happy Hunting!