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New Promotional Councillor

Hello Commanders,

I’d just like to introduce myself. I have been elected to take over the promotional councillor position.
My duty is to promote FAF content and to take care of the social media related of FAF. I have big plans
for this position and I will be as professional and as friendly as possible.

Here are my pledges:
I will be as active as possible to dedicate to the responsibility of this role.
I will attend as many developer conferences as possible to discuss all topics related to the FAF council.
I will advertise all new content that FAF provides using all available social media platforms.
I will deal with any complaints related to the promotional role with professionalism.
I will offer as much help as possible to the council and councilors.
I understand that if I am unable to perform accordingly, I will be replaced.
I will support and help with the coordination of all content production for FAF (e.g. translations).

I’d also like to promote content related to FAF, such as mods, casters, tournaments and much more!

I’m going to be working on a few things in the near future. These include, the ACU customisation system,
cleaning up the social media pages such as Facebook, and improving the YouTube channel for everyone.

I have a handful of goals that I would like to accomplish. I have a plan to start live tournament coverage
that will be streamed to the FAF YouTube channel. I’d also like to help promote content that helps new players.
I’m also pushing new rewards to the Patreon page to give back to the users who have donated to FAF in the past.
More about the reward system will be posted nearer the time but I’m commited to bring that to the Patreon supporters.

Stay tuned, Commanders. There is a lot to come.

Happy Hunting!

– JJs_AI