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Patch 3680

Greetings Commanders!

Today, we will be deploying a new patch (Patch 3680). This patch includes several new features, bug fixes and much more.


  • Significant reworking of the F1 Keybinding menu. We’re now one of the only games ever made to have searchable bindings!
  • Air wrecks now bounce of shields according to their momentum. Experimentals and Transports are excluded.
  • Allowed Hold Fire on TML/SML, letting you queue attacks from multiple launchers. then release them all at once
  • The loading screen now shows some tips and tricks
  • Split the Ping/CPU columns in the lobby in two to make it clearer

As said a few weeks ago, this update changes some things that will break a small number of mods. The affected mods have had new versions uploaded to the vault which work with the new patch, so there’s no need to worry about it. The affected mods are:

  • BRO_UI
  • disableReclaimUI
  • DualScreen
  • EcoManager
  • Gaz_UI
  • hotbuildex
  • UI Lagfix
  • Notify

Additionally, UI-Party is affected, but that mod is being kept up to date on the forums by its author. I’m sure he’ll have a new version ready soon.

If you find that your favourite mod doesn’t work in this patch, let the author know.

You can find the full change log here:

If you would like to read this in French, Russian or German, you can find the translations here:

Happy Hunting!

FAF Development Team

EDIT: Looks like I missed something in Notify. I have it fixed locally, but cannot get it uploaded until tomorrow. For those who are confident in fixing it themselves, go to modname/hook/lua/keymap/hotbuild.lua and change line 5 from “local allValues = buildingTab[name]” to “local allValues = unitkeygroups[name]”. Sorry again for missing that, my bad. IceDreamer