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Equilibrium Tournament #2 – 2v2 – U3500

It’s that time again!

The equilibrium tournament will feature exciting new maps, matchups and most importantly, great balance!

It's amazing! Just try it!

  • There is a combined prize pool of 25 euros and the winning team will receive the illustrious fixed in equilibrium avatar: This could be yours!
  • The tournament will be played as a double elimination
  • Arkitect has agreed to cover the casting, look out for his stream!
  • You can sign up alone, and a teammate will be picked for you automatically!

For more info and to sign up head over to the forum page here:

This is a 2v2 tournament with 3500 combined rating limit and Equilibrium balance mod. To sign up, post your team members names in the forum thread (team name is optional, but if you don’t come up with one, you will be assigned with one, don’t worry, it will be great). If you do not have a forum account, contact a Tournament Director, he will proxy sign you up.