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FAF Client: 0.13.0 Release Candidate

Hello Commanders,

because we’re having to make some changes to the account verification and anti-smurfing systems, as announced previously, the client will be going straight to version 0.13 without a full release of 0.12.5.

0.13.0-rc is live now and includes a lot of changes on top of the last 0.12.5-rc release:

  • Single-Line Mod-Vault toolbar (#730)
  • Pin UID version in appveyor
  • Log errors from faf-uid executable (#741, #742)
  • Add menu option: Show paths for maps, mods & replays (#735)
  • Slightly clean up client resize logic (#747, #748)
  • Don’t autoreconnect when sent invalid command to server (#743, #744)

Your client should prompt you to upgrade automatically, but you can also download the new version straight from Github.

If you have any problems, you can revert to the 0.12.4 release by downloading the old installer and running it.

Please also report any issues to the Tech Support Forum.