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Map Advertisements

Hello Commanders,

I’ve decided to start advertising new user-made maps! Anyone who would like to submit their map for advertising can contact me either on Discord, FAF or the Forums.

You can also submit your maps here:

I have a few rules that I’d like to establish for this process. Please read them carefully before making a submission.

Map Advertisement Rules

  • A max of 5 maps will be shown per post, anything between 2 and 5 is satisfactory.
  • I will post a map bundle advertisement every week (If I’m presented with a sufficient amount of maps)
  • It’s a first come, first serve basis. If you want your map advertised, come to me ASAP.
  • Maps will only be advertised once. Any submission of a map that has already been advertised will be skipped.
  • Users must provide a poster or a decent quality thumbnail of their map and a description of the map itself, I’ll also need a map name.
  • I will not advertise any knock-offs of existing maps.
  • Coop campaign maps are included.

Map posts will be added to the news every Monday at 6PM GMT.

I wish you all the best of luck with your creations!

Happy Hunting!