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Sun and Ice 3v3 Tourney

When? Sa. 1th of July 2017, 14:30 GMT = 16:30 CEST*

End of Signups: approx 10 min before the tourney begins
IRC channel: tba
Bracket and Matchups:

*if you are not sure if I did the timezones correctly: the CEST time is the one which counts!
or use this:

The tourney will use an experimental tourney bot, which will allow to reshuffle the teams that are above the rating restriction or not complete. So if your teammates dont show up, just join the channel and we will find a solution. If you want to sign up and dont have a team, you can also register as single player without team and let the tourney bot decide. Predefined teams of 2 players are not possible atm (in this case try to find a third person). Make sure to spell your name and the name of your teammates correctly.

Important: One player of each team (except for the claustrophobia match) has to play nomads!

The rounds will use different game modes:

  • round 1: normal game
  • round 2 (and losers round 1): crazyrush
  • round 3 (and losers round 2): hard FFA
  • round 4 (and losers round 3): claustrophobia
  • other games can be anything

Casters: arkitect on

Full details: