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Unauthorised lobby scripts

Hello FAF community,

Today we are bringing up an unpleasant topic. Unfortunately a script has been published with which a player can manipulate the FA lobby into displaying incorrect values (rating, games and so on …). While they cannot change their rating, they can pretend it is higher or lower than it should be. We want to bring this to your attention as use of this has become more common and you deserve to know what is going on. All players who are using this script will be banned without warning (all accounts). We had to ban over 50 accounts, mostly smurfs of the same people, during the last weeks. That is why you shouldn’t fear to report these players. You can do this by using the moderator report form (top of #aeolus).

We want fair and balanced games. That’s why we are talking to all of you and encourage you to report people using above mentioned scripts.

Your moderation team.