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FAF Client: New Beta branch – testing needed!

Greetings Commanders,

to make the development of the official FAF Python Client both faster and more convenient for users, we are introducing a new versioning and release model for the client:

  • Unstable releases: The unstable branch will update very frequently and always give you the newest feature additions, improvements and bugfixes for testing.
  • Stable releases: Stable releases are well-tested and receive only important bugfix updates after release to minimize the chance of new bugs. (For testing new features and improvements preview releases will be published)

We will soon add an update manager to allow you to comfortably select which branch you want to follow.

In the meantime, unstable releases will be distributed by Mazornoob on his Github: Unstable Client Releases

You can directly download the first unstable release here.

This release does not contain any new features. Instead all changes pertain to porting the client codebase from using the obsolete Python2+PyQt4 framework to Python3+PyQt5. This update will allow us to introduce many important new features like HTTPS support.

Because this update affects the whole codebase and needed a huge number of changes, it is essential to get it out now and get good testing coverage for this update.

So please install and test it!

If you have any problems, please check our Tech Support Forum – please remember to check the Known Issues and Solutions / Current Known Bugs threads first, and follow the instructions if you want to make a new post!

Happy hunting,
— Duke