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Nomads Version V67

Hello Commanders,

A new version of Nomads has been deployed. You can view the full details of the patch here:

V67 (highlights):

  • several changes for the nomad campaign (unreleased)
  • t2 radar upkeep changed to fit latest faf balance changes
  • fix t2 transport unfolding when killed
  • increase the tread size of beamer
  • hitbox and footprint of experimentals enlarged (they could get stuck on engies that were building them)
  • fix overcharge sound
  • fix destroyer impact decal spawned underwater
  • fix wall segment wreckage using strange model
  • change order of t2 air factory buildmenu (put field engy on the side of the menu)
  • fix t1 arty not shooting on ground units
  • mod manager “selected mod” texture missing
  • thruster effects of t2 transport stop properly now
  • change remaining lobby elements to orange