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RU vs GB 4 – Defence edition

Monday, 31st of July.
18:00 GMT+3 (Moscow time). Tournament played live on Yuri’s stream.

There’s going to be a friendly matches between russian-speaking (ex.USSR) and british players.

Idea is this: 1 GB (1400-2000) vs 3 RU (1000 and under). 1 GB gets 1 minute of head start. 3 RU wait for 1 minute, doing nothing. then 1 GB must survive 9 minutes (so game ends in 10 in-game minutes). x2resources to make it faster. Pre-built enabled (to make it faster for both sides). Nothing is restricted.

GB can’t kill RU players, GB must only defend himself and his base. Of course he can try to leave his base and hide somewhere like underwater, but it would be unwise.

Who gets 5 points first – wins. Point goes to RU if GB dies before 10 minutes in-game. Point goes to GB if their player survives.

Previous RU vs GB – first two won by GB, third won by RU.

Full details: