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Yuri’s Blitz #15 – Krazy x100 res (1x1x1x1 FFA)

Monday, 17th of July.
18:00 GMT+3 (Moscow time). Tournament played live on Yuri’s stream. So you need to be online and play during that time, games will be created and narrated by Yuri live.

Any rating.

Different maps. Get ready to be surprised.

4 players free for all – 1v1v1v1.
x100 resources. Cybran Reaper (experimental gunship) is restricted, too powerful with x100.

Players play in groups of 4. Winner moves forward. Then 3 remaining players play. Winner moves forward. So 2 players move on, each player has 2 chances to move forward (2 FFA games to win).

We play this format until there are only 4 winning players left.
It’s the FINALS. Who wins the game – gets 1 point. 3 points gets you the 1st place PRIZE.

Winner gets Blitz champion avatar and Battlefield 4 Premium account. Prize is donated by Misha.
2nd and 3rd places gets their appropriate avatars from this topic: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3312

Full Details: