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21st Oct- 3 Musketeers 3v3 Tournament

IRC Channel = #(TBC) 
(Challonge Bracket)
October 21st is the Official Tournament
This is an open to all teams and individual signups. No Qualifying. Details are Below

Current Teams

Team 1 : UnicornNoob, GlamorousNoob and EcoNoob

Looking for a team


Tournament format:

3v3 with posted start positions to play, standard challonge rules (8 or less teams = swiss, 8 or more = DE)

Tournament Team Rating Cap

The combination of the global rating for the members in the desired teams but must at or below the 5500pts cap.

Indvidual Participants

A Min amount of 300 games and 1k global must be on the player’s account. This tournament is for the regular players of faf. the less known player can play but any whom commits any aggressive behaviour and none sportsmanship the team will be Disqualified.

Note: All teams global score will be checked on the 19th of October to make sure you are with in the cap. at that point, you must stay at that global rank for the tournament to not allow any team to go beyond the rating cap.

You can find the full details and the map selection on the forums here: