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August 15th – Coop Update

What’s new

This is a bugfix update. Several small issues got solved including the new bug introduced by the latest game update where some missions didn’t expand (those with UEF ACU that had Nano upgrade).

Voice files for 4th UEF mission and Prothyon-16 were update as well.


You can find the full changelog for missions here:

and for the coop mod here:

Report Issues

If you find any issues make sure to report them. Preferably on Github: or on the forums. (Don’t forget to include the game.log!!)

Coop Slack Channel

If anyone is intrested into making a new mission, improving the current ones or helping with voice overs, there’s a #coop channel on the FAF Slack. Slack is a tool that all FAF developers and contributors use to coordinate our efforts. For joining PM me (speed2) your e-mail adress either in the chat or on the forums and you will recieve an invitation.

What’s next?

The rewrite of the Aeon campaign is almost ready, might be released in a month.

While testing some things I got dragged into one of my new ideas for a mission and this is what came from it