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Yuri’s Blitz #19 – 64 ACUs 4 players FFA

Monday, 28th of august.
18:00 GMT+3 (Moscow time). Tournament played live on Yuri’s stream –

Any rating

No mods. Map – Mayhem of 64 ACUs v2.
4 players on in a match (corner positions). 2 players dies – they lose. 2 remaining players goes to next round.

Finals – 4 players in a match. Survival here wins you points:

die 1st – 0 points;
die 2nd – 1 point;
die 3rd – 2 points;
win – 3 points.

Finals goes to 10 points.

Signup here Please edit your nickname so it is exactly like in FAF, so I know how to find you.

You need to check-in on challonge before the tournament (from 17:30 to 18:00 Moscow time, if you are not checked-in, then Yuri will assume you didn’t show up).

Full details: