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Hello Commanders!

Earlier this year, our FAF moderation councillor posted a nice message for everyone to view. Just for reference to those who are new here, here is the message from February:

Hello FAF community,

The moderator team is actively searching for more members who do not live in a European time zone. If you are interested in joining the moderator team don’t hesitate to apply!

Applicants are expected to send a private message to the IRC Moderator usergroup on the forums detailing on why they think they would make a good addition to the team, which timezone they live in and what sort of commitment they are able to make if they are selected.

As a moderator your are expected to uphold the community rules in both the chat and on the forums. You’ll also be expected to help other users, old and new alike, with questions/problems/etc. This does not mean however that you are to become #aeolus’ go to tech support guru but simply to help where you can. If you already do this then so much the better of course. Another aspect of your tasks will include processing reports which may involve watching replays to look for exploit abuse among other things. You are expected to behave in such a way as to set an example for the community when it comes to the rules.

Well, there’s good news! We’re still searching! And better yet, we have some awesome ban hammers available to complete your official moderation starter kit for just $5.99.

Preview of product:

Bildergebnis für banhammer for sale


If you would like to apply for a moderator position and receive a complementary 30% off coupon for your moderation starter kit, please follow the rules in the old message above to complete your application form.