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2017-10-23 Server Update v0.9.6

The server has been updated to v0.9.6.

Not much happened in this update since we’ve mainly been busy with the server migration since the last server update.

  • A few changes were made to the database to make its data even more consistent.
  • A small fix was made that prevented the client from removing avatars from users.
  • Changes were made that reduces the work needed for future server updates

Most changes were made in the API:

  • Fixed issue #110 “Challonge API Proxy”
  • Fixed issue #126 “Read deployment configuration for featured mods from DB”
  • Fixed issue #133 “Return coop mission duration as seconds”
  • Fixed issue #134 “Provide BiReUS repository URLs”
  • Fixed issue #135 “Provide division scores”
  • Fixed issue #137 “Achievements route broken”
  • Fixed issue #143 “Missing entity for db table `name_history`”
  • Fixed issue #146 “Pagination issue: page[totals] broken”
  • Fixed issue #149 “API returns HTTPS URLs instead of HTTP”

I’m glad that the update went¬†pretty smooth and quick and as far as I can tell, there haven’t been any problems so far.

– Downlord