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Upcoming Patch 3690 Highlights

Hello Commanders!

As some of you may know the 3690 patch is fairly close to being released.
I’d like to encourage you to take a look at the changelog¬†and maybe give us some feedback. As of this moment you can already play the upcoming 3690 patch by selecting the FAF develop game mode in the FAF client.

Should you encounter game related bugs when playing the new patch then feel free to make a bug report on the forum (either in the tech support sub forum or the feedback thread directly) so we can fix the bug before the patch becomes the default patch for everyone.

Highlights of the patch:

  • Speed2 fixed RK4000s explosion mod
  • New army color choices (Seraphim gold and Aeon order green)
  • Fixed bug that caused buildings with power upkeep (static artillery for example) to drain power while being built
  • Fixed hitbox of cybran t1 torpedo defense (Seraphim destroyers are able to shoot them now)
  • Fixed bug that caused non hosts in lobby to be unable to activate mods with mod dependencies
  • Should you use the Supreme Scoreboard mod made by Hussar then please make sure to update to version 2 of the mod.

I hope you can enjoy the game with less bugs, more colors and fancy explosions and if possible can provide some feedback as well.

Have fun, and good luck!