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Server Migration Update

Hello Commanders,

the server migration (performed mainly by Downlord and Sheeo, many thanks to them for their hard work) has so far been mostly successful, as you have surely noticed.

This morning I fixed some small issues with the updater, which means playing games should work without any problems. There was also a problem with the website that prevented it from fetching leaderboard infos that is fixed for the moment.

There are some issues remaining, the most important ones are:

  • Replays created after the migration are being saved to the wrong location and therefore can’t be downloaded (they are not lost, we simply need to fix the problem and move them to the right location) – Should be fixed for now, but will require some maintenance later
  • The map vault view in the Python Client is not workingFixed
  • The Unit-DB view in the Python Client is not working; use spooky’s DB in the meantimeFixed
  • Some functions of the forum are not workingShould be fixed
  • User Rename tracking is currently not possible; the scripts at have been retired. A replacement will be available soon.

We will get these issues fixed asap.

— Duke